Patrick Basile

Patrick Basile’s music is captivating.  From the very first note you know you’ve been hooked! And to experience the alluring voice of Patrick Basile is nothing less than a rich, rare, and wonderful treat! Reminiscent of the great singers past, yet uniquely fresh in his performance and style, the charismatic sound of Patrick Basile is turning ears of music lovers everywhere.

Having showcased his talent in a variety of venues all across the country, Patrick has also been a featured singer/performer in the main stage-show at the world-famous Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, he has appeared as a “special-guest” soloist on numerous primetime network television specials, variety shows, and evening talk programs.
Musically speaking, not only is Patrick a supremely gifted vocal talent but he is also an accomplished composer, orchestrator, arranger and pianist. It is his lush compositions that set the mood to almost every song he sings. This and having studied voice under two of the industry’s most renowned vocal coaches, Pasquale Caputo (New York) and Seth Riggs (Los Angeles),combine to create the evocative “Basile” signature sound that one reviewer has claimed “transcends time”. One thing is certain. No matter what the venue, setting or call, audiences
love Patrick Basile. 

But there’s much more to this man than can be heard in his music alone. Patrick Basile is also an accomplished stage/screen actor and a gifted artist. He has accumulated an impressive list of musical theater and stage-play credits and was recently seen in a recurring role on the NBC television soap opera, “Days of Our Lives”. Patrick’s works of art (drawings, paintings and sculptures) embody the same creative passion as does his music. These beautiful works have graced high-end art galleries, hotel lobbies and the homes of private collectors. So it’s time you discovered the magical and captivating Patrick Basile. Take a moment and “experience” his music! From the very first note, you’ll be in for a rare and wonderful treat! ( Review by MYRON NASH ) 

Patrick Basile Churches & Performance Venues
St. Agnes Church
St. Anthony
St. Mary of Mount Carmel
Blessed Sacrament

435 North, Beverly Hills, CA
Vibrato, Bel Air, CA
Riviera Hotel Main Stage, Las Vegas, NV Studio One Backlot, Hollywood, CA
Carlos and Charlies, Hollywood, CA
Rose Tattoo, West Hollywood, CA

Various Venues on the east coast specifically in Atlanta, GA, South Carolina, Montgomery,
Alabama, West Virginia, Chicago, IL, Indiana and New York.


Patrick Basile Discography
“Natural Man” CD – Patrick Basile
“Home For Christmas” CD – Patrick Basile
“Haunted Dreams” CD – Vivien Russell (Patrick Basile: Producer, Arranger, Orchestrator)
“River Of Kings” CD – Michael Olcott (Featuring Patrick Basile)
“Patrick Basile” CD – Patrick Basile (Not Released)
“Shades of Sound” CD – Patrick Basile (Not Released)

Patrick Basile Music Videos
“I’ll Follow You”
“Cry Me A River”
“Wake Up Everybody” (Not Released)


Patrick Basile Radio
Angelo Petruzzi’s “Smooth Jazz Channel” – Italy
Bob Birch “Music into the Night” – UK (Won “Artist of the Year” 2011 on this station.)
Newporter Jazz – Cincinnati, Covington, Newport
Butterflies Radio – Miami, FL

Patrick Basile Theatre
“Flames Of Man” -. Musical (Lead Role)
“I Always wanted to Love You” – Musical (Lead Role)

Patrick Basile Television & Commercials
“Days of Our Lives” – (Recurring Role)
“The Merv Griffin Show” – (Featured Performer on 3 Episodes)
“Coconut Ballroom” – Pilot / Merv Griffin (Featured Performer)
McDonalds – (Principal)
Bud Lite / Budweiser – (Principal))
Alpine Car Stereos
Casadai Clothes
Paté Commercial – (Principal)

Patrick Basile Training
Pasquale Caputo, Vocal Coach (New York)
Seth Riggs, Vocal Coach (Los Angeles)
Rick Walters, Acting Coach
Tepper Gallegos, Commercials Coach

Patrick Basile Artist 
Oils, Charcoal, Pencil, Pastel, Sculpture (Clay, Bronze)
Many works displayed in shows and hotels on the east and west coasts.
Bronze head of James Dean featured for one year at the St. James Club in Hollywood.
Featured in Munson Williams Proctor Institute Sidewalk Show in Upstate New York for many years and received media publicity and reviews every year.
Featured Chalk Portrait at Roosevelt Hotel for Marilyn Monroe Anniversary Show.
Painted numerous portraits of famous people that hang in their homes.

Patrick Basile Memberships

Patrick Basile Musical Endorsements
Seth Riggs
Arthur Hamilton (Composer, “Cry Me A River”)

The greatness of a true artist can be defined in many ways. Patrick Basile proves yet again he holds the key that never fails to open people’s hearts. His version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” catches you by surprise and gives you that lump in your throat. There is little doubt that the incredible ethereal arrangement and Patrick’s breathtakingly beautiful voice won’t bring back your warmest memories and childhood hopes. Once listened too, you know what you’ve experienced is art in its purest form.
– Matthew Lambert


Local Musician Patrick Basile Honored

SHERMAN OAKS—Local musician and singer Patrick Basile recently won an award in the United Kingdom. Fans of the singer and judges of the competition felt that he was worthy due to his great performances in 2011. The award was for “Artist of the Year,”  and was given by Venture Radio in London. This week I caught up with the handsome singer of America’s greatest Standards, and he spoke exclusively with us about his latest success.

Q-Patrick, tell us about the British award that you received?

A-“About three years ago, Cammy Reali got me into rotation on Venture Radio. Bob Birch of Venture Radio played my music every Monday night. Last October, I was informed that I was up against nine other artists for their ”˜Artist of the Year’ award. After I was informed, Kate Rossi Stuart started promoting the fact that I was in the running for the award. Since I was already in the contest, I got proactive too, in letting people on Facebook know that I was up for the award. I didn’t really know what to expect. On January 15, they announced the winner, and lo and behold, it was me! I was thrilled by this, especially, since this was the first award I had ever won. From this, I got in rotation on Cuillin Radio in Scotland, and a Smooth Jazz Radio station in Italy.”

Q-So, it really was a total surprise to win?

A-“I had an idea that I would be in the top five , but yes, it was a very pleasant surprise. I just received the actual award a week and a half ago.”

Q-Where can locals catch you singing and performing?

A-“Locally, nowhere at the moment. Right now there are a few great things in the works. I was asked to perform in Rome, Italy on a show to launch a new video station, that incidentally, I am on now. They are featuring my ”˜Cry Me A River’ music video. There is also a couple of other incredible gigs in the works, which I am not at liberty to talk about yet. However, I will definitely let you know before anyone else in the media, when I find out for sure.”

Q-I play your CD all the time. When is your next one coming out?

A-“I am working on a new CD right now. I am experimenting with some material. There will also be three new original songs on the CD as well. You can get my ”˜Natural Man’ CD on iTunes.”

  • Source : canyon-news
  • Article by Tommy Lightfoot Garrett