There is a special reason why “Livein” is there on Oscar Night.  Sandy Jordan of “New Apple Productions” recently finished writing a TV show based on her experience as a youth singing in Italian clubs in NYC. The show, therefore, is based on her life but is built around a legendary Italian-American performer and set in a fictional nightclub somewhere in Manhattan. Sandy has filled the parts with actors that the public will recognize from the ”Sopranos” as well as “A Bronx Tale”. The Show will also feature many famous faces appearing as themselves.

Having regular patrons and guest celebrities walking in and out of the club gives the Show the chance to present snapshots of contemporary nightlife and the way the latter is heavily influenced by the Internet and mobile phones. At the same time, the Show is a witty warm fun take on contemporary nightlife. All topics are handled with affection, and with the style of humor, that attracts a very broad market.

Joseph Fraia (the Chief Editor of the Magazine), as well as “Livein” (a premier Italian-American publication focused on New York), are going to be an integral part of the show, thus bringing the audience a glimpse into the Italian American/NYC culture and history.


Each episode will feature top artists from different fields, singers, designers, comedians, and actors who will mingle with the oddball cast of characters. Through the metaphorical lenses of the camera, the show will shine a light on the many positive contributions the Italian community has made and also show the positive role the Italian-American community has played in New York history. The series will show that some things are not necessarily what they seem, as the characters from different cultures illuminate the changes that exist and show that the majority of Italians are vastly different from the stereotypes and clichés still present in our culture.


Sandy Jordan has spent the last 3 years looking for the perfect singer to play Johnny the star of the show. Sandy needed someone whose life mirrored hers. She wanted an Italian-American guy with a certain look and the best voice in the world. Sandy had a mental picture of the man and his voice. She finally found the perfect person to play the role of Johnny “Mellow”.

Patrick is an amazing talent in the way he uses his vocal ability. He blends his voice with the orchestrations forming a sensational unison. Every song of his has a story to tell and brings the listener on a journey of emotions. His voice, combined with the unique features of that angelic smug face is amazingly perfect.  Simply put, Patrick Basile IS Johnny “Mellow”.

Livein Magazine will continue to report about the status of the show.

You can purchase Livein Magazine on-line at  Livein is available for purchase at various select hotels, stores or stands around the world. Check the updated list at

Sandy Jordan is currently celebrating 5 years singing at La Rivista on NY’s famous Restaurant Row, 313 W 46th St. every Tuesday and Thursday night. Stop by, have dinner get a drink and listen to some good music. Bring your copy of Livein, of course for a special discount.

Author: Joseph Ralph Fraia

Ph: Daniel Sanchez and Alan Mercer

Source : Livein Style

Local Musician Patrick Basile Honored

SHERMAN OAKS—Local musician and singer Patrick Basile recently won an award in the United Kingdom. Fans of the singer and judges of the competition felt that he was worthy due to his great performances in 2011. The award was for “Artist of the Year,”  and was given by Venture Radio in London. This week I caught up with the handsome singer of America’s greatest Standards, and he spoke exclusively with us about his latest success.

Q-Patrick, tell us about the British award that you received?

A-“About three years ago, Cammy Reali got me into rotation on Venture Radio. Bob Birch of Venture Radio played my music every Monday night. Last October, I was informed that I was up against nine other artists for their ”˜Artist of the Year’ award. After I was informed, Kate Rossi Stuart started promoting the fact that I was in the running for the award. Since I was already in the contest, I got proactive too, in letting people on Facebook know that I was up for the award. I didn’t really know what to expect. On January 15, they announced the winner, and lo and behold, it was me! I was thrilled by this, especially, since this was the first award I had ever won. From this, I got in rotation on Cuillin Radio in Scotland, and a Smooth Jazz Radio station in Italy.”

Q-So, it really was a total surprise to win?

A-“I had an idea that I would be in the top five , but yes, it was a very pleasant surprise. I just received the actual award a week and a half ago.”

Q-Where can locals catch you singing and performing?

A-“Locally, nowhere at the moment. Right now there are a few great things in the works. I was asked to perform in Rome, Italy on a show to launch a new video station, that incidentally, I am on now. They are featuring my ”˜Cry Me A River’ music video. There is also a couple of other incredible gigs in the works, which I am not at liberty to talk about yet. However, I will definitely let you know before anyone else in the media, when I find out for sure.”

Q-I play your CD all the time. When is your next one coming out?

A-“I am working on a new CD right now. I am experimenting with some material. There will also be three new original songs on the CD as well. You can get my ”˜Natural Man’ CD on iTunes.”

  • Source : canyon-news
  • Article by Tommy Lightfoot Garrett